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The Paropakar Organisation established on 26th September 1947 by Rt. Honerable Daya Bir Singh Kansakar, a renowned pioneer social worker and first blood donor of Nepal, is the first non-governmental, non-profit making philanthropic organisation in Nepal. At that time, the main aim of this organisation is to help the patient of Cholera, Small Pox, Measles and Typhoid etc. during the epidemics time. In that period, Bir Hospital is the only hospital available for the people. This hospital was ill-equipped and mismanaged and Rana Government had never done any serious improvement in making Bir Hospital move with times. During epidemic period, people had to depend upon imaginary gods and goddesses for their mercy to save epidemic victims. But their imaginary gods and goddesses were of little help.

In 1945, there was a serious Cholera Epidemic calming thousands of people in Kathmandu (Capital of Nepal) and adjoining villages as its victims in absence of proper medical emergency services of the Cholera victims. So this organisation was set up with the aim to serve the poor victims people. This experiences led to set up the Paropakar Organisation, the first NGO specializing in catering emergency and regular medical services in the major parts of Nepal. Read More….

Paropakar Ambulance with free service

Paropakar Adarsha Secondary School

Paropakar Adarsha Secondary School is a leading college located in Bhimsensthan, Kathmandu. It offers 10+2 programme in Management and Humanities affiliated to HSEB. Paropakar is dedicated to provide value based quality education. Its faculty consists of highly qualified professional with years of teaching experience here and abroad. Paropakar is commited to impart career-defining skills to make the students capable to face existing challenges of 21st century. It has strong, professional highly motivated, academically sound and resourceful faculty members, dedicated to the student’s academic development. It is committed to be a centre of learning for all students willing to devote themselves to a better tomorrow.

The great person renowned in the field of social service, first blood donor of Nepal, respected Mr. Daya Bir Singh Kansakar, acquiring Khadga Nisana (Approval with Prime Ministerial seal) from the government in 2004 B.S. Ashwin 10 B.S. (September 26, 1947 A.D.) during the despotic Rana regime and duly established the eldest historical, public welfare oriented, social welfare organization ‘Paropakar Sanstha’ (Welfare Organization) with sacred and great objective and effectively mobilized in the corners of hilly region and villages for depressed and helpless patients. After this, in 2009 Ashadh 10 B.S. (June 23, 1652 A.D.), for the upbringing and education of orphan children, ‘Paropakar Anathalaya’ (Paropakar Orphanage) was established and along with it, ‘Paropakar Middle School‘ was upgraded and run up to class 7 to provide ideal education for the orphans as well as local children specially of low and middle class to create competent citizen for the country, which has been glorious historical background of this school.

As such, Paropakar Adarsha Secondary School which has been providing incomparable contribution in the field of education got accreditation from National Examinations Board and started classes for Grade 11 and 12 under the “Management (2057 B.S.), Humanities (2061 B.S.) & Education (2074 B.S.) stream” to provide special contribution in higher education from the year 2057 B.S. (2000 A.D.).

From 2009 B.S. (1952 A.D.) till now, this school has faced a number of turnings in education field and consolidated itself to the changing context of 21st century and moved forward successfully. Now, the graduates of this school have reached to the policy making level of the country, some have become secretary, director, engineer while others have become teacher, professor, doctor, pilot, lawyer, actor and journalist.

Paropakar Adarsha Higher Secondary School.

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